Get to know Andrea

Andrea Green Burton was born and raised in southeast Michigan until she moved to western Ohio, where she spent the next 13 years. She is proud to be from the Midwest and, now that she lives in the mountains of southwest Virginia, has been drawn to use the Midwest as the setting for much of her writing. She has been compulsively (if not regularly) writing since she was nine years old, completing her first novella at age 17 and her first novel at age 33. (It’s terrible, don’t ask her if you can read it!) In the meantime, she got a BA in History and an MA in Public History, got married, and had four kids. Before she landed her current dream job as Director of Education and Volunteer Programs for her town’s municipal museums, she spent six years working as Adult Services Coordinator at a public library. She credits that time with “forcing the issue” with her writing and helping her to learn about and adapt to the lifestyle that was required of being a writer. She primarily writes historical fiction and, as a museum lover, gets the majority of her inspiration from visiting historic sites and houses.